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We provide fractional C-suite services and prepare companies for capital raises/exits through our Capital Strategy division. We're here to help you prepare for the next-stage of your business growth. Our focus is execution. We formalize and document your process, implement strategy, and always ensure you're Due Diligence Ready®.

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Your Strategic Growth Partner

We leverage the latest technology in artificial intelligence, data analytics & visualization, six sigma, and lean to ensure your business is equipped for the business world of tomorrow.

At Rework Capital, we stand as trusted allies for our clients, delivering invaluable insights to fuel their organization's growth and efficiency. Our clients rely on us as a trusted sounding board, seeking second opinions and guidance for impactful decisions. We believe in nurturing the well-being of both individuals and companies, recognizing that investing in people drives future success.

With our expertise, we coach your teams to grow - to enhance your firm's financial, operational, and organizational health, consistently delivering exceptional ROI through our comprehensive services. We are committed to providing proven advice and solutions that significantly impact both your team and financial decisions, ensuring the long-term prosperity of your company.


We deliver valuable insights for the health and efficiency of our clients organizations.

20+ Years

of C-Suite Experience


in Combined Client Revenue

Our team

We are ready to help you scale.

Our Superpowers

Our services include fractional engagements, and Capital Strategy advisory services.

Strategic Finance Advisor

From today's cash flow crunch to the cap structure of tomorrow - we navigate your businesses unique financial position together.

Visionary Leadership

We guide businesses with forward-thinking strategies, fostering innovation and remarkable growth.

Coaching & Motivation

We are your impartial sounding board, your #1 fan, and only seek to inspire and empower individuals to reach their highest potential.

Operational Methodologies

We incorporate Six Sigma, Lean, EOS, and countless other methodologies into our work to ensure operational excellence.

Financial Modeling

Unlock advanced modeling techniques. Analyze data, identify efficiencies, and implement strategies for streamlined processes and improved performance.

Policy Development

If it's not written is it really policy? Whether it's a 1 page bulletin or a 300 page policy & procedure manual - we memorialize your business in print - and identify opportunities for growth along the way.

Due Diligence

Be prepared with our comprehensive due diligence expertise. We equip you with meticulous analysis, thorough documentation, and strategic guidance, ensuring you're ready for successful evaluations and investment opportunities.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Unlock growth opportunities through our M&A expertise. We navigate complex transactions, conduct thorough assessments, and provide strategic guidance to help you achieve lasting success.

Our Community

We build your finance function - whether it's laying the ground work for pre-seed or automating a 500M finance operation.

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At Rework Capital, we focus on delivering value - and demand our teams to deliver an ROI that makes our fees a no-brainer.

All of our engagements are custom to the client.

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  • Project or PRN pricing.
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