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We are a team of high performing, proven-entreprenuers that are excited to see you scale.

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We believe that with fewer clients, we can spend more time dedicated to your success.

Our company has two divisions - one offering management consulting services through Fractional CFO and COO work; and the Capital Strategy division that focuses on Cap Raises and Syndicate Investing.

With our expertise, we coach your teams to grow - to enhance your firm's financial, operational, and organizational health, consistently delivering exceptional ROI through our comprehensive services. We are committed to providing proven advice and solutions that significantly impact both your team and financial decisions, ensuring the long-term prosperity of your company.

James A
Owner at Camber Brands

“Hugh has been an excellent partner with our firm and has been working with us for the past year. He quickly understood the needs of our firm and immediately provided valuable insight and guidance. He has the ability to clearly communicate with and effectively coach all levels of management and has been a pleasure to work with.“

Vincent T
Consultant - McKinsey

“There are few people with as much ambition, drive and work ethic as Alexander. I would recommend him for any engagement that requires these traits in excess. He has accomplished more than most.“

Ross T
COO of Coastal

“Alexander is the best leader I've ever seen, and he lead more productive meetings that session than most could hope for in an entire year. Alexanders' fantastic instincts made him an amazing partner and mentor; I'm happy I got the chance to work with him — I hope we get to do it again."

James A
Business Owner

“Hugh was brought on to be a coach to two young accounting and finance professionals, the partners of the firm and as an insider of the financial A&E world. He has been much more than that. A friend, a mentor, a compassionate person who thinks with his heart first. Hugh has been an amazing addition to our organization but more importantly to my life and career. He has helped guide difficult decisions and given countless pieces of advice all while keeping in mind the human aspect of business. I appreciate Hugh for the person that he is as well as the mentorship that he brings.“

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